More Grade 3 Science – Environmental Resources مواود البيئة

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Today we are learning about our Natural Environment’s resources.  We need to learn this explanation from our Grade 3 Science textbook about what is natural environment resources.


الهواء والماء والتربة والصخور والمعادن والنفط من موارد البيئة الطبيعية المهمة لحياة الانسانز

which means: Air, water, soil, rocks, minerals and oil from resources of the natural environment are important to human life.


We have made a set of learning cards you can download here: natural resources cards

natural resources card pic

You can print out a set of cards to laminate and cut them up to play matching games – and if like me you (the teacher) needs a little help I have numbered the English explanation card to match the Arabic card so we do not need to get confused.

We also made a spelling game dice. Throw the die read the word and try to write it down. We used the dice from

This one:

Print on light card to fold and make a die – get it here: Blank_10-Sided_Die (1)

natural resouces die pic

I would love to see pictures of you die and cards and ideas you came up with for using them. Please add to comments. ❤



Arabic Science العلوم Homework: النباتات – Plants

Today’s task in Grade 3 Science:

Talking about plants: First to translate our summary!

النباتات تصنع غذاءها بنفسها بوساطة الأوراق التي تقوم بعملية البناء الضوئي، بوجود ضوء الشمس والهواء والماء.

Plants make their own food through photosynthesis, with sunlight, air and water.

Key Words:

البناء الضوئي – photosynthesis

ضوء الشمس – sun light

هواء – air

ماء – water

A Biliterate Journey… Part 1: Back to school

A quest for stationery begins….


“Mum! I need some new pencils, and a pencil sharpener for school! Baba (Dad) did not buy any!”

Me: “We will get some tomorrow!”

I stopped mid stride – I could buy pencils✏🖍🖌🖊(قلم – qalam) no problem… but we are in the Middle East…. No one knows what a “pencil sharpener” is!

What do you call a pencil sharpener in Arabic? Do you know?

The dictionary only wanted to tell me what a pencil is called. We knew that already. Oh dear! *sigh*

Even my husband looked at me blankly, when he returned from work, when

I said “What is a pencil sharpener called in Arabic?”
Response “What do you need that for?”
Me: “School next week!”
Response “I will get some. Is three enough?”

….and then he was gone to play with the kids…. and I still did not know what a “Pencil Sharpener” was called…

  • or a ruler📏
  • paperclip🖇
  • envelope📩
  • calendar 📇
  • folder/file🗂…
  • stationery names…. that’s it! ☺
  • أدوات مكتبية!

My initial online search for “ruler” brought up “king, emporer”… Google Translate was not in a confidence boosting mood either… 🤔

Then… just when I was ready to concede defeat…. I am so excited to say! I found these sheets! I just had to share this with everyone!! After much searching I finally found, at ArabicWorksheets’s page on Pinterest, an ArabicWorksheet:

  • Word Search (with flashcards to cut out) on school / stationery supplies in Arabic!

Very timely! We also discovered some extra academic language we urgently needed to know too… but for now the correct names for the school/office supplies (أدوات مكتبية) we needed to buy.

The list of words/flashcards:

We printed 3 copies. One each. First we did our word searches.

Then we cut out two card sets, so we could laminate the cards to use for a “Learn the Stationery Word” “Fish” card game.

First we needed to work out the words and their pronunciation.

  • Pencil Sharpener – mubra – مِبْراة
  • Paperclip – mushbik – مِشْبَك
  • Ruler – mustara – مِسْطَرَة
  • Eraser – mumha – مِمْحاة
  • Pencil – qalam rasasun – قَلَم رَصاص
  • Envelope – Dharf – ظَرْف
  • Pen – qalam habar – قَلَم حِبْر ( This is an old ink pen so we changed it to قَلَم جاف – qalam jafun)
  • File – milafun – مِلَف
  • Calendar – taqwimun – تَقويم


🖇 📏📇🗂🖋✒✏📩📚


Let’s Learn “Arabic School Stationery Fish”…. 🐟🐠🐡

Goodness gracious! Not the swimming kind! The card kind!!! 🙄

Obviously I am going to need tea for this! ⛾

We mixed up our cards, each person got 4 to start, the rest went into the middle to the “fish” pile.

Then we checked our cards and the person going first asks:

** Do you have “mubra” (مبراة)?

– follow by the other person’s blank expression (usually mine) they said “Pencil sharpener”


** yes – the other person hands over the card. The person records a pair and takes another turn.

** No! Go Fish! – the person asking for a card picks up a card from the centre to try and make a pair, the next person takes a turn.

Now… to learn the words for this game properly.

How do you say “Go Fish!” In Arabic?



Shapes – الأشكال (al-ashkaal)

arabic shapes SAH pic

(Updated to include correct spelling of cone – Thank you kindly)

We moved continents so now my big kids are in Arabic school whilst my baby is being homeschooled.  My dyslexic 9 year old son arrived home from school one day “Mum, you know those letter game cards you made for learning letters… I need shapes for maths! I cannot remember their names!”

So, by request… These are the basic shapes. (Print two sets and laminate [I would print on two separate colours to make it easier].  We play matching games, memory games, fish, snap – you can only have the card pile if you can name the card)  arabic shapes SAH

Arabic – العربية – From the very beginning!



Let’s start at the very beginning… that means I am going to assume you know nothing about how Arabic works.

Arabic Alphabet names SAH  (Free .pdf to download)

Points to remember: The Arabic Alphabet

  • Arabic reads from right-to-left, not left-to-right as we do in English.
  • There are 28 Arabic letters. Similar to English constants. Vowels will be discussed in a seperate post.
  • I will show the Arabic letters, the letter name and English pronunciation (sound).
  • The letter/s shown will be the future English pronunciation/spelling I use.